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Whipped Bottom, Hot Sex

From Spanking Blog: "Just a friendly little bondage and ass whipping, but we know that in the very next picture her panties will be down and some guy will be balls-deep inside her. There’s just something special about plain white panties on a girl who’s about to be giving a bondage blowjob..."(More...)

Tiny Iron Whipping Prison

From Bondage Blog: "The Pain Gate whipping website often uses creative bondage to set up their whipping shoots. When filming in picturesque old European dungeons, they sometimes pull out ancient wrought iron bondage gear, and who doesn't enjoy medieval irons on a cute and willing model? Today’s example is a semi-portable whipping block, consisting of a hunk of granite, a short embedded iron stake, and four affixed thumbscrews. The girl to be whipped is made to stand on the block while her toes are inserted in the bottom set of screws. Then it’s time for her thumbs. Our helpless dungeon girl is now bent over in perfect position for her inevitable whipping..." (More...)

Harem Girl Whipping

From Bondage Blog: "She gritted her teeth and clenched her hands and prepared for the ordeal to come. As always, she felt a stirring in her loins and a dampness manifest itself in her vagina. Her sex lips began to swell and become hard. Swish. Crack. The heavy lash sped through the air and curled across her bottom leaving a line of fire where it had struck. Swish. Thwack. A second line of fire joined the first. Swish. Thwack. The slave's body seemed to bounce up from the bench as the lash struck. Swish. Crack. She felt her body’s betrayal grow as her nipples hardened and the wetness between her thighs increased." (More...)

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rattan cane for an ass whipping

Straight Rattan Cane:
If a whipping is a ceremony, a caning gets right down to business. This straight rattan cane can deliver a serious ass whipping! Easily makes stripes and welts on her bottom and thighs. She may love your whip, but you can make her fear this cane. The handle is covered in soft suede leather for an easy grip and good control... (More...)

pencil skirt for spanking with cutout for bottom

Rubber Spanking Skirt:
This slim lined, body hugging, stylish pencil-style spanking skirt looks great with any latex top, or on its own. The back reveals an opening just right for a lovely bottom to be exposed. The nature of the rubber skirt enables flattering support and contour of the naked cheeks! (More...)

Romanian lesbian CJ whipped and girl-fucked outdoorsschoolgirls whipped and caned over their school desks by a brutal teacherwoman tied down with medical style humane restraints for a long and vicious punishment whipping

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apprehensive pain toy trying to hold still while her exposed pussy is brutally whippedgirl caught using the hot tub and painfully whipped in the water with a wet leather whip
bondage and fetish video game -- Kink 3D

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