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Girl Gets Prison Whipping

From Bondage Blog: "The first thing these serious-looking guards do to this pretty inmate is bend her over the warden’s desk for a whipping. Eventually they put her on the whipping frame. By the time they are done with her, she’s nothing but a mass of red stripes and welts..." (More...)

Trotsky Whipping Nude Girls

From Spanking Blog: "I stumbled over a page devoted to old propaganda pictures of a prurient nature, including this “photograph” of Leon Trotsky whipping two nude girls in public. The Soviets practically invented the concept of “fun with Photoshop” — only they did it with scissors and paste and paintbrushes and photographic negatives." (More...)

High-Minded Whipping Porn

From Spanking Blog: "In an earlier age, pornography had to be wrapped up for sale in a cloak of moral rectitude, as in this 18th century compendium of villains, their misdeeds, and their inevitable horrible fates at the hands of justice. Includes such portraits as Elizabeth Brownrigg Flogging Her Apprentice, A Whipping In The Pressyard At Newgate Prison, and Mills and His Companions Whipping Hawkins..." (More...)

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leather skirt leaves bottom bare for spanking

Leather Spanking Skirt:
Look gorgeous while receiving corporal punishment! This spanking skirt is made of soft garment leather. The front is a tailored leather skirt piece and the back is open to expose the bottom and thighs. It's 18" long, and has three straps that buckle at the waist, below the buttocks, and around the upper thighs. (More...)

leather tawse for spankings

English Schoolroom Tawse:
This implement is a must for English schoolgirl discipline scenes. This very fine, hand-crafted slapper has a rich, rusted-brown and black finish with an attractive tooled pattern on the handle. The English Tawse is split in two at the end, giving the implement its distinctive sting... (More...)

Romanian lesbian CJ whipped and girl-fucked outdoorsschoolgirls whipped and caned over their school desks by a brutal teacherwoman tied down with medical style humane restraints for a long and vicious punishment whipping

Pain Toy | Whipped Women | Pain Gate | Whipped Ass | Lupus Pictures

apprehensive pain toy trying to hold still while her exposed pussy is brutally whippedgirl caught using the hot tub and painfully whipped in the water with a wet leather whip
bondage and fetish video game -- Kink 3D

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